The English are coming


Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson, leading global wine critics and writers from the United Kingdom, recently honored Flam Winery with particularly high scores.

As you know, Mr. Johnson is the author of the best-selling wine guide in the world in the past forty years. Last year Mr. Johnson awarded the entire winery his highest score of four stars and this year he did the same. “Excellent” he said when he tasted our Nobel wines, noting that the Syrah is full of fruit and the Merlot is deep. He even went on to say that our veteran Classico is an excellent value-for-money wine. He described our Rose as “crispy” and our White as excellent and refreshing.
Ms. Robinson, whom Jesus loves more than she knows (as sung by Simon and Garfunkel), visited Israel several weeks ago and tasted dozens of local wines. A significant number of them earned flattering scores, including several in The Judean Hills Quartet, our new initiative together with Castel, Tzora and Sphera wineries. To our great joy our Nobel 2013 wine earned one of the highest score in this tasting – 17.5 out of 20 points. This is parallel to 92-93 points awarded by their American colleagues.
“Really great stuff” commented an impressed Ms. Robinson, and all that remained for us to do was beam with pleasure. All our other wines tasted by Ms. Robinson also earned glowing reviews and high scores. Our White received 16.5 points and she described it as “vivacious” … and “a bit salty”. (We were a bit surprised, but who are we to argue with Ms. Robinson’s marvelous palate). She added that it was “chalky and floral with a wonderful grip”. Our Classico also received 16.5 points from her.
Anyone who seriously and consistently follows the global wine media knows that, besides being highly complimentary, such reviews from these distinguished British wine critics also open doors into the best wine stores in the world, and not because the wine is kosher! The sophisticated and humorous writing style of these two critics (at least for those who like the dryness and understatement of British humor), as well as their boundless knowledge and remarkable palates, have turned them into pundits for wine lovers in England and across the globe over the years.
With your permission we would like to end on a note of patriotism. In a period when a rather chilly wind blows towards Israel from the British Isles, we hope that our modest contribution goes towards changing people’s conception of Israel as solely a war zone. It is true that wine cannot change the world, but it can, if only fleetingly, we can turn it into a more pleasant place.
Let it be.

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