Starting the 2016 Vintage season


Pruning Season

Pruning is the very first growing season activity in the vineyard and is one of the most important in determining the quality of the future grapes. It’s not for nothing it is said that good wine begins in the vineyard, and work in the vineyard begins  right at the beginning. By pruning we in fact design the vine landscape and regulate the vineyard’s future crop. Pruning at the beginning of the season ensures the desired low crop yields.

Personally I think this is the most exciting time of the season. It follows a lengthy period of rest from the previous harvest and signals renewal and awakening of the vines from their winter dormancy. As far as I’m concerned the 2016 harvest season already began in January, when we started pruning our vineyards in Dishon in the Upper Galilee and in Mata in the Judean Hills. We are now coming to the end of pruning in Kerem Ben Zimra, which is our coolest and most elevated vineyard.

It is important for me to emphasize that we,  at Flam Winery ensure that all pruning is carried out under our personal supervision and in cooperation with our dedicated winegrowers, with special focus on top quality low crop yields. This action, together with other vineyard operations until harvesting, will give us the best raw material that we can enjoy in two to four years time – when our 2016 vintage wines are released in the market.

Golan Flam
Winemaker, Flam winery

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