Spring in the vineyard


"...start my day with a cold breeze and enjoy the wonderful smell of the morning soil." - Golan Flam

Over the past few weeks, my visits to our vineyards have been more and more frequent. After spending some time at the winery, looking after the newly born 2012 wines, I can now start my day with a cold breeze and the enjoy the wonderful smell of the morning soil. I crave to see our vineyards even after the shortest period of separation which makes my renewed visit truly exciting. Now that my vineyard “season” has officially started I plan to spend most of my time here from now and until we harvest the first grapes of the 2013 vintage.

As the vineyards slowly awake from their winter sleep, our first task is to prune the vines. I find my pruning approach to be different from the ones used at bigger and more commercial wineries. I try to apply a specific pruning method to each parcel according to its climate, soil and planted varietals. These significant differences between each parcel forces me to give special attention to every single vine. As the years go by, my acquaintance with each vine grows and with it a better understanding of each one’s specific needs. I have no doubt in mind that my intimate relationship with our vines is the “secret” to the success of FLAM. The long hours spent on each vines prove worthwhile when we harvest grapes each carrying an individual character and sense of place. These unique flavours are the base for our Classico and Reserve series and of course, our Noble.

I am very pleased with the growing conditions in the Judean Hills and the upper Galilee. The winter’s rainy days and lower that usual temperatures leave us in an optimistic mood. But, with so many days still to pass until harvest arrives, I know so much can still change and affect the harvest of 2013.

The following images document a day in Dishon Vineyard, upper Galilee and my reunion with our oldest vines.

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