Sauvignon Blanc


Since 2011 we have a new member in the family our Sauvignon Blanc which we use for our Flam Blanc

In the year 2004 and Golan & Gilad feel it is time for Flam to have their very own white wine. Therefore they found a small plot of Sauvignon Blanc in Safsufa – upper Galilee as well as a few rows of Chardonnay, right in the middle of the famous Cabernet vineyard of Ben Zimra. The story goes that Golan & Gilad harvested on their own and then drove with the grapes to the winery. A few weeks later the first 1.900 bottles of Flam Blanc were born.

The immediate success caught us all slightly unguarded. It turned out that wine lovers were happy to embrace Gilad’s vision of a wine that is light, crisp and packed with freshness. An unoaked wine where its fruit is the main event. Nowadays we produce around 20,000 bottle of the Blanc, the blend is still dominated by Sauvignon.

Blanc and will still have more demand for it that we can supply. This is why we where so happy when we discovered, right under our nose, a plot of land that seemed to perfectly suit every Sauvignon Blanc’s need. The slope had just the perfect angle, a high percentage of limestone and very good drainage. And so last week, our new vineyard was planted.

And despite the fact that the vineyard is planted, we plan to taste its first wine only in a few years. Our goal help the vineyard growing but at his own pace. We plan on tasting the first drops of wine in 4 years and as experienced winemakers we know patience is a virtue and that you can’t rush things up.
we promise to update on the development of our newly born and let us know once there’s some wine to share,  In the meantime, if you just can’t wait, why not try a bottle of our 2010 Blanc and raise a glass to our recent addition.

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