Over the years, among the vineyards / Golan Flam


Behind the scenes at Flam Winery

The transition period between the old and the new year is always a time for contemplation, and we caught Golan wandering among the vineyards, summing up the past and planning for the coming years.

Tradition and the classic style are our winery’s main values.
The soil, the vineyards and wine lovers constantly indicate that our meticulous insistence on maintaining these values pays off.
How is tradition and elegance manifested in our winery?
How do I, as a winemaker who spends most of my time in the vineyards and the winery, bring the elegance and intensity of the vineyards to the wines that I create?
Years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the soil and the vineyards are the main factors in our winemaking. We are involved in long processes and fieldwork that yield superior results in every vineyard plot.
My job as a winemaker is to bring out the best of each plot, and to bring out the truth in every wine. This has been my goal from the onset, and as it has repeatedly proved itself, it will continue to be my main guideline in the future.

Our style
From the outset we knew that our winemaking would be based solely on uncompromising standards throughout the process – from vineyard checks and controlled fermentation to matching oak aging barrels to the elegant wine styles we aspire to produce.
Each day I am faced with numerous decisions that are motivated by achieving the winery’s finest quality and style. The guiding principle is to produce wines with well-balanced elegance and intensity, and often the idea is to manifest different hues and to combine nuances to achieve a unique and perfect finished product. As a winemaker this is my biggest challenge.

And then I think of the coming years and of my infinite number of plans and aspirations, which pass before my eyes like a video clip. They are many and diverse, but I picture them all being realized.
While making all these plans I continue to do what I love and do best – make wine. Every day I go from the vineyard to the winery and then back again. I make a point of listening to nature and find myself constantly returning to base – to the soil.

To many more years of loving wine!

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