Meet The Family

Golan Flam

Founder & Winemaker

Golan holds a Masters degree in Oenology from the Piacenza University Italy and a B.S.C. in agriculture from the Agricultural Faculty of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Golan's passion for wine, for the nature, the vineyards and his perfectionism for the smallest details are at the base of his winemaking philosophy.

Gilad Flam

Founder - Marketing & Business development

Gilad holds an M.B.A. degree in Business administration and is responsible for marketing and Business Development. Gilad complements Golan's work and is in charge of the wine from the minute in enters the bottle until the cork is pulled out. His strong organisation and managerial skills helped him turn FLAM winery into a local and international success story.

Kami Flam

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Kami Flam holds an M.B.A. Her business experience helped make FLAM winery one of Israel's most successful boutique producers. Kami is responsible for managing the winery's finances and financial planning, whether to invest in marketing, plant a new vineyard or equip the winery with the lasted technology.

Israel Flam


Israel joined the professional team in 2005, after retiring from his Head Winemaker role in Carmel Winery, where he worked for 35 years. Graduate of Oenology studies from U.C Davis California.

Geffen Flam

Brand Manager

Always following her own path, Gefen went on to study a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Dance Therapy.
Even while concentrating on her studies, Gefen was always at the forefront of all marketing and customer relationship activities at the winery.
Gefen now looks after brand managing, locally and internationally.