Harvest 2016


״Another year has passed … and again our adrenaline is at its peak, what with running around the vineyards and listening carefully to the meterologists, while all we winemakers ask for is chilly nights and cooler days״. Golan Flam

As we near the end of July 2016, which has been a moderate and stress-free month with regard to heat and climate, we can only hope that this trend will continue into August and September.

In the meantime, we are pleased with the early but even ripening in the vineyards. In all the red variety plots the veraison (changing of color) of the grapes is complete, the crops are balanced and we hope that the sugar and acidity parameters will continue in the same vein and result in crisp and fragrant white wines, and red wines with intense colors and smooth, lingering flavors.
In the winery we have completed the bottling of Flam Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2015 and Flam Noble 2014 wines. They are presently undergoing additional aging in a climate-controlled storeroom.
All the tanks and harvesting equipment are polished and gleaming, waiting to receive the first grapes. It appears that this week we will start with receipt of Sauvignon Blanc grapes from Ella Junction, which are characterized by excellent acidity and the development of wonderful flavors and aromas.
L’Haim …
To a successful harvest,
Golan Flam

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