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The Jerusalem Hills are covered with pines and the branches of the prickly pear are sprawled right behind our winery

Sometimes, before entering the winery (which is also our workplace), we take a moment to climb the mountainside, stroll among the pines and prickly-pear cactii, and bend down to smell the hyssop and white-leaved savory. Standing there in the natural landscape makes our day. Then we stop for another few moments in the small vineyard that we planted at the winery entrance.
Would you also like to connect with nature in the best possible way without having to travel far? Would you also like to learn about the world of wine without having to renew your passport?
Make this all possible by visiting us. Our winery is located less than a one-hour drive from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and not much more than that from Haifa. It overlooks magnificent views and the building itself, as many of you already know, is not just a wine-producing factory filled with stainless steel tanks, pipes and barrels. There is that too (which we think is also beautiful, and many agree with us). As it is our second home, or perhaps even our first home, we turned the winery into a place that brings us renewed joy every morning. Believe it or not, it works!
If we have raised your curiosity, read about our visiting options.
1. The Flam Experience – a professional wine tour that includes tasting four of our wines together with local cheeses, great bread and an in-depth explanation of the entire wine-making process. You will also learn about the professional and personal histories of the members of the winemaking Flam family. Price: 130 per visitor.
2. For those with less time at their disposal we offer a shorter visit that includes the tasting of three wines on the veranda overlooking the surrounding landscape, including a short explanation of the winemaking process. Price: NIS 70 per visitor.
3. A casual visit for anyone wishing to stop in, enjoy the view, sip some wine and enjoy and cheese and bread platter.

You are all very welcome and we would be delighted to see you.
For more information and reservations, please call Tamar: 02-9929923 / 054-2113324

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