A story of wine, synergy and Israeli culture


Flam Winery is proud to take a founding part in the Judean hills quartet

In the wine world the road to success for many wineries lies with shared knowledge, regional experience and expertise. Thus, over the years Flam Winery has established intimate communication and co-operation with other wineries who share with us the unique land of the Judean hills, as well as the shared ambition of making superior wine every day.
This experience made the move to join hands, which seemed to many, pioneering and innovative, natural and clear to us and  to our partners.
Today, Tzora, Castel, Sphere and Flam, all boutique wineries with similar values and a shared region, joined hands to form the Judean Hills Quartet… (link
Our objective is to lead continued improvement and establishing our wines of the judean hills , globally
We would love to tell the story of the unique
wine region and its winemakers to the world. we hope to open a window for wine lovers around the world to this historical land where we are fortunate to work and create.
It is clear to us all that in order to let the world access the quality wines of the Judean Hills we and our Judean hills partners should tell a unified clear story. In this harmonious and authentic way, with deep respect to the region, we hope to let the world learn and appreciate Israeli wine culture.
We invite you to read more about the new Judean hills wine region in the quartet’s site and promise to update soon

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