The 2017 harvest – our 20th – is behind us


Even after twenty years, every morning, especially at harvest time, is exciting and challenging for the winery. It seems that we will never cease to get up for work with weak knees from the knowledge that, all told, we are interpreters and improvers of nature.

This year too our wine grapes were harvested in the choice vineyards in the Judean Hills and the Upper Galilee that we have been nurturing devotedly for many years.
On the technical side – the heatwaves in July broke all records but August and September enjoyed relatively moderate weather. The sugar levels that determine alcohol levels were halted and this year the wine colors are beautifully intense. The Whites and the Rose were pressed in whole bunches, which resulted in a very light-colored Rose and a very aromatic White due to less exposure to oxygen in the pressing process. We refrained from using a crusher or pumps and tried to intervene as little as possible in order to allow the grapes to their flavors and aromas.
We are currently in the final stages of alcoholic fermentation. The Whites and the Rose will not undergo malolactic fermentation, as it turns the acetic acid into lactic acid; in other words to maintain the White and Rose wines’ acidity and crispness by preventing the development of both buttery and bombastic flavors.
With regard to the red wines, on the other hand, we are interested in promoting malolactic fermentation to give the wines width and volume. When fermentation ends the red wines will be moved to new French barrels for long-term fermentation. As the cellar fills up it is suffused with the intoxicating scent of French oak that never fails to play with our senses.
We are also starting to create our Classico blend from the harvest of 2016.
More information to come.

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