Nature celebrates spring. We celebrate Vintage 2016


Flam Blanc and Flam Rose’ 2016 First tastes arrives in perfect timing- with the first scents of spring.

Spring radiates gently with the light caress of sunshine, a scent of bloom and nature’s renewal.  In wine making, which draws daily inspiration from nature, we strive to convey the deep connection and love we feel towards our vineyards and unique terroir, as well as our pure joy of wine making. Our Classico label series is an expression of this connection, love and joy.  It exemplifies a local spirit – our local spirit - in a bottle.

About Vintage 2016:

The winter of 2016 was typified as cold and rainy, which contributes to a good and even awakening of the vines in the spring. At the same time June was an exceptionally hot month, which halted plant growth at the optimal stage for skin-color development in the grapes. The harvest months – July, August and September – enjoyed a moderate climate with no untoward heat waves. In short, we had an excellent crop regarding both quality and size.  The red grapes ripened well phonologically without becoming over-ripe. The white grapes were characterized as having aromatic freshness while maintaining good acidity levels.

Flam Rose 2016

“It’s a wine for any kind of mood, one that is a joy to drink on the balcony, but one that is first and foremost a food wine.”   Golan Flam, Winemaker

Our Rose is made of 52% Syrah and 48% Cabernet Franc which grow in Flam Winery’s designated  Rosé  vineyards, thus the grapes are harvested several weeks before the Syrah and Cabernet Franc grapes for the winery’s red wines.

The wine has a pinky salmon hue and white fruit aromas reminiscent of peach, a faint trace of strawberry on the tongue, pleasant acidity and a fine crispness from the Cabernet Franc. The Syrah grapes give the wine body and the palate savors crisp acidity together with new strawberry, a hint of greenness, impressive minerality and a long and seasoned fruity finish.

Flam Blanc 2016

“The fresh fruit along with a natural high acidity crafted a wine that is the perfect companion for a sunny afternoon and a glorious fish meal.”  Golan Flam, Winemaker

The Flam Blanc is a blend of 58% Sauvignon Blanc and 42% Chardonnay. Sourced at our “Mata” vineyard at the heart of the Judean Hills.

Almost totally transparent in colour. The nose is surprisingly balanced between the Sauvignon Blanc’s soft aromatic notes and the Chardonnay’s complex fruitiness with hints of green apple. The fresh fruity flavors are well balanced by riper and more complex ones. In the palate, we receive a balanced acidity followed by a long, crispy and mineral after taste This is a happy, crispy and unoaked summery wine.

To complete the Classico Label we have released a few weeks ago the Classico 2015:

“We have been making the Flam Classico for 17 years. This vintage, all grapes were harvested from vineyards in the Judean Mountains. This unique terroir produces supple, fruity, balanced wines – the local spirit in a bottle.”  Golan Flam, Winemaker

The Classico, a red blend, is produced from 46% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Petit Verdot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 12% Merlot, 10% Syrah all sourced from our Mata vineyards in the Judean Hills.

Fresh nose with ripe fruit and tones of spice. The palate reveals delicate fruity notes, impressive tannic structure, supple texture and a long finish, spicy and elegant.





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